Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter treats


Tonight I'll be off to Michael's, and then the grocery store, in search of some things to make our Resurrection Eggs, and for making some fun Easter treats with the girls this week. I'm also going to pick up some fun crafty projects like shrinky dinks and those sun catchers that you bake in the oven. I think the girls are the perfect age to try those out. I'm feeling a little nostalgic for the 70's. Maybe I should buy a latch-hook rug making kit while I'm there...snicker...snicker. Mmmm...Snickers!

I am so excited! Dave has Friday off and instead of painting Sam's nursery, we've decided to take the kids to the Zoo. This is the last week-end for the farm babies and we just love that time of year at our Zoo. Last year we were walking around in boots, with snow above our ankles. This week-end it's supposed to be in the 50's!!! Then Saturday, we are going to an Easter Egg hunt in a neighboring city, with some friends. We opted not to do our own in the yard since Dave will be spreading the crabgrass preventer tonight. Yeah, I didn't think that serious chemicals, kids and plastic eggs mixed very well. I hope the weather is nice enough that the city holds it outside as planned.

Here are the recipes (pictured above) that we will be working on this week. I wanted to post these now instead of waiting to blog our finished product later this week, in case you'd like to make them too.

Chow mein noodle nests - I loved making these with my mom growing up. The cellophane bags are a great way to keep the Peeps from drying out.

Rice Krispie nests with chicks
- cute alternative to the chow mein noodles

Bunny S'mores
- I'll skip the chocolate drizzle on top though. I want my Peeps to look like Peeps. :D I love that these are less messy than the real deal.

Have a Happy Crafting/Treat-Making-day!


LilyHaven said...

Cute crafty ideas. Don't you love the holidays with little ones? I love sharing our holiday traditions with our little munchkins.

Have fun at the zoo. :)


Angel said...

Thanks! After writing this, I'm thinking Easter might be my favorite holiday.