Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Happy-Blogaversary-To-Me Giveaway

One year ago today, I started my blogging journey. Along the way, I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many wonderfully talented women. I am so glad to be a part of such a supportive community. To thank all of my faithful readers (and lurkers...hehe) I have teamed up with my friend Erin of The Vintage Pearl, for a fun giveaway.


Erin is giving away this gorgeous necklace to one of my lucky readers. Yippee! I picked this design because it includes her signature pearl and you can have up to 4 names stamped on it. Gotta love that! I especially love the domed shape of the silver circle and her new cursive font.

Wouldn't this look so pretty on you? Of course it would! But it would also make a memorable gift for say...Mother's Day, a Bride-To-Be, a new Mom, or any other special person in your life. This is the actual style of necklace you will receive, customized with the names of your choice of course.

I thought it would be fun to ask Erin a few questions, so you can get to know her better too.
Me: How did you get started making your gorgeous jewelry?
Erin: I originally started making jewelry for fun to match my sister in law's outfits (bella*tessa) on eBay. It just evolved and grew from there!
Me: What is your favorite piece to create?
Erin: I love making anything NEW, especially new pieces for Moms. I love when a Mom emails me with a new idea and together we create her a special piece that is unique!
Me: Does your family ever tire of hearing pounding as you stamp letters? LOL
Erin: YES!!!! Especially at night, after the kids are in bed and my husband is trying to unwind by watching sports or something on tv. I work on the kitchen counter, right next to the living room, so it's very loud and boy do I get some "looks" from him when I have alot of stamping to do, lol!!!!

Now...Here is what you've gotta do to win this beauty...
1 point - Visit Erin's shop and come back here to leave a comment. Let me know what other piece you love in her shop and what you would do with this one, should you be the winner.
2 extra points - Think of it as "extra credit," for signing up for my newsletter, over on the right. Let me know you did so in your comment. If you are already on there, well, you get 2 extra points too.
5 extra points - Blog this giveaway with a link back to me and I'll give you a big 'ole hug (in blogland, that's in the form of 5 extra points :O ).

I will draw a random winner next Thursday night.


Kori said...

Cute Cute I wanna win hehe.. I love the stamped ring oh and the a guardian angel and.....It is all adorable-

Off to sign up for your newsletter I don't think I am on there :) oh and of course blogged ya on Girl-indie :)

Have a great weekend!

SoBella Creations said...

What a great Etsy Shoppe! I love the Petite Flower Necklace. If I were the winner of this giveaway I would have my girls names stamped on it.

I found your blog via The Girl Indie Blog.

Jonny and Kara said...

Her shop is adorable! I really like the dainty hearts on a chain necklace. If I were to win I'd get it stamped w/my son's (and soon to be son's) names on it. And I signed up for your newsletter and put a link on my blog!

Nicki said...

This is such A GORGEOUS PIECE! I alos love the circle of Love Necklace in her shop. She has some very beautiful things and they would make wonderful gifts!

I would love to win this piece, I would have my newborn daughter's name put on it so that I could wear "her" close to my heart!
Thank you so much! Great blog

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful necklace. I know just the person I'd give it to. My daughter in law is scheduled to give birth to their 3rd child on Monday. It would go to her! Ok, so here we go...

1.) I think my favorite is the one that's being given away, but I also love "Love with all your heart" and the "teacher with the apple". The are all stunning though!

2.) I subscribed to your newsletter.

3.) And put a link on the sidebar of my blog:

So happy I found your blog -- it's beautiful!

Simply Sisters Design Studio said...

I have loved Vintage Pearl creations forever! My "other" fave is the star/wish pendant... lovely! With the prize item, of course, I'd have it engraved with my 3 kiddos... Maggie, Colin & Skye!



P.S. My blog is very new... and I am html challenged. Not sure how to link... :(

acdebnam said...

Your babies are soooo cute! I really loved the favorite is the dainty hearts...I would love to win and put my boy's and girl's name on it! Signed up for the newsletter for extra credit...

mommy zabs said...

What a great shop! I love the flower and the handstamped ring!
eejackson (at) mac (dot) com

Holly said...

I love this jewelry! I need to WIN!! I love the "Love you to the moon and back" necklace, too. I would have my daughters names stamped on the prize necklace, and purchase the moon necklace for my best friend.

Whimsical Creations said...

love the dainty hearts on a chain

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Whimsical Creations said...

signed up for your newsletter

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

little pumpkin grace said...

Congrats on your blogoversary!!! What an amazing year it's been. I enjoy reading your blog!

Okay, it was hard to pick just one - I love Erin's style! My favorites are:
Dainty hearts
Flower & Circle

If I won this one I'd put Grace and Hudson's names on it! Good luck to me! ha, ha, ha

Just blogged about it too :)


sarah*spunda said...

Love the shop! The Circle of Love is fab as is the Handstamped Ring. The giveaway piece is great, too.....I'd have it stamped with my 3 kiddos names or maybe give it to my mom for Mother's Day....'cause she's the best!

sarah*spunda said...

just signed up for the newsletter :)

Pudgeduck said...

Sign me up! I love the CUP of Love necklace. I i were the winner I would have my newly wedded grandaughter and husband stamed on. Signed on the newletter..

Sarah said...

don't have a blog to post it on, but will sign up for the newsletter. love your blog, angel!

noreen said...

cup of love...necklace was so sweet

LilyHaven said...

Happy Anniversary!

It's hard to choose a favorite from Vintage Pearl's shop, but I'm loving the "mother of pearl on a disc".

I just signed up for your newsletter. :)


Raich said...

Of Course I signed up for your newsletter and cant wait to find something perfect for my little girl!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful, afordable, adorable jewelry. I love the mother of pearl circle necklace and love the one in the giveaway...and i would be super selfish and keep it for myself with my 4 kids names of course

Amy Callaway said...

Just beautiful!! Love the Circle of Love necklace. If I were your winner I would have my 3 precious little ones stamped on it! No blog yet, but I signed up for your newsletter!


Hillyers said...

1. I love this necklace and would get my daughter's name stamped on it for her. From the vintage pearl shop I loved the 2 disc necklace with the birthstones. I love that you can add more discs later if you need.

2. I signed up for your newsletter

3. I blogged about it:

Thanks. I love your blog!

megan at cutelikeme dot com

*BriTneY* said...
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*BriTneY* said...

Her shop is adorable! I loved all her stuff but my fav's were probably the handstamped ring and the cup of love necklace. Also LOVED the giveaway necklace! If I were to win I'd give it to someone who means A LOT to me and I would put her little boy and little girl's names on it.

I found your site on my sisters blog and I blogged you on mine too.

I also signed up for your newsletter.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I actually love all of your pieces, but if I had to choose, then it would be the petite heart. I would ask if my husbands initials could be stamped on it.

Everything is gorgeous. I am signing up for your newsletter. Found you through Suzanne, Just another Hang Up.


Kristen said...

Love the jewelry. I think my favorite piece is the moon necklace that says "love you to the moon and back". I have a son that passed away as an infant 7 years ago. We kind of made the moon and stars his symbol in our home. Enough said. I will definitely add a link on my blog and sign up for the newsletter!

Shana Anderson said...

Wow Angel. A year already. It is so much fun to stop by and see you and the kids. Since I don't see you much at church or MOPS this is a great way to see your kids grow. I LOVE the vintage pearl stuff. I would say my 2 favorites are square names on a chain or the small square initials on a chain. What a great gift idea for my sister. Thanks for the idea. I am also going to sign up for your newsletter. We have friends that just got their referral from Korea for a beautiful daughter. Now I have a reason to buy your great stuff. Take care! Shana

Jan said...

I love the "love you to the moon and back" necklace. So beautiful.

Jan said...

And I subscribed to your newsletter.

~cyndi said...

Congratulations on blogging for a full year!!

Love her etsy shop, everything is gorgeous!!! My favorites are the one being given away here and petite flower.

If I were to win, I would love to have my the names of my children on it.

I'm already a subscriber to you blog :) Thanks so much!