Sunday, February 22, 2009


At our church this morning, we had Sam dedicated to the Lord. Our goal is to raise our children up in a strong, secure Christian home where they have every opportunity to truly know Jesus as their personal savior. It was a BIG BIG day (to quote Dave's Uncle Wes). We went to lunch at Buca to celebrate and then back to our house for cake. The man of the hour was not available for photos as he was quite exhausted from a full week-end. We were lucky to get this family photo to mark the occasion.

Later, we all took naps on the couch while watching Madagascar 2, and agreed not to leave our cozy nest for the rest of the day, which will be filled with games of hide and seek and finishing the movie Fireproof. I say finishing because I slept through half of it last night, which by the way has no bearing on the movie itself, Dave says it's excellent.



Eying the cake

Then of course, you have to make your scary face.

I'm so scaaaaaaaard. How 'bout you?


little pumpkin grace said...

God bless you, little Samuel!! Sweet pics :)

Jenn said...

congrats...what a special day for your entire family! We had our Sam dedicated a couple of months ago...and had about the same success with our family picture ;) And I'm laughing because I'm pretty sure I just bought that super cute top you are wearing ;)

take a bow Jenn

Marcia said...

Congrats Angie & Dave - what a sweet family picture even if everyone wasn't cooperating. It's good to remember those times too instead of all the posed ones. :o)

Is that a nummy Byerly's cake I spy?? Glad that it's not at my house or it would be GONE! LOL!
You all look great!!
~Marcia :o)

Angel said...

Thank you girlies! I was a really wonderful day.

I just LOVE my new blouse too Jenn. Too bad they didn't have it in green too, we probably both would have snatched that up. LOL

Yep, that IS a Byerly's cake! aren't they just the best? It's almost gone too. hehe