Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sale Sale Sale

Beginning Feb 10th, I will be closing up my Etsy shop until further notice. It makes me so sad to do it especially since I only just started back this month. But the new CPSIA law is putting me out of business and I choose not to put my family in a position where I could be fined $100,000. That's just crazy talk!

So...I have reduced the prices in my Etsy shop to help use up my fabric stash, and I will give a 10% discount on all oders of 3 or more items. I'm not exactly sure how that works in Etsy, so it will most likely be in the form of a PayPal refund, or I can set up a private listing for you. This will be on a first come first serve basis. Meaning, that to start, my lead time will be 4 weeks and after that I will quote you a leadtime as my schedule fills up. I will relist items as fabric allows. If you don't see an item listed, just ask and I will see if I can still make it for you. I will be adding a few more pieces this week (Under the Big Top and a Wizard of Oz dress).

The fine print: this sale only applies to Etsy store items. EBay auctions items are not included.

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Blissful Nikki said...

This is such a disaster to see such amazing designers, such as yourself, have to close down shop! I was always hoping I would be able to relauch Ragazza Bella when I had the time, but now I know, that will never happen! Thank you for doing what you did for as long as you did!!!