Friday, January 30, 2009

The Shower Bandit

If the rest of the day goes anything like it's start...I'm in serious trouble. I decided it was a good idea to get a shower even though Dave had already left for work. That's where it all went wrong.

Shower = Good
3 year olds left alone (make that one 3 year old) = Bad

Sam sitting in his bouncer in the bathroom. Check.
(I played peek-a-boo behind the curtain a couple of times. He was not impressed.)

The doors to our bedroom sufficiently locked. Check.

Girls on the couch drinking apple juice and watching Martha Speaks. Check.

Interruption #1
Mommy, can I have some string cheese? Yes, when I'm done.
Interruption #2
Mommy, here is your towel (throwing hand towel into shower). Thanks Hun????
Interruption #3
Mommy, can I eat cupcakes (showing me the bag of cupcakes)? Not now, please put them back on the counter. And make sure the refrigerator door is closed!

While I'm combing my hair she walks back in, mouth full, carrying the keepsake box for her baby teeth and it's wet!!! First of all, I know the box was in my sewing heart sinks. When I take it from her, it feels too heavy. Fearing that it's full of water, I open it. It's not filled with's filled with C A K E! And so is her mouth. Bad...bad...bad...I tell you.

The box, which is made of paper, is not salvedgeable. I found it on eBay as a set, by Susan Branch when we found we were having twins and I needed one to match (or at least coordinate) the one I had bought years earlier. I big-red-sparkly-puffy-heart love Susan Branch, almost as much as Mary Engelbreit! Tossing the box in the garbage I head straight for my sewing room, bracing myself for the disaster I am sure awaits me.

What I found was this...

Yes, they were all lined up in a row and one big bite out of each one. I guess she couldn't decide which one she liked the best.

She hasn't mastered the zip-top bag yet. Pink pinking shears no less. There were about 3 more wrappers than cupcakes. I wonder if I will find any surprises hidden somewhere. This girl is a chipmunk and likes to store food in odd places. Drawers and purses are a favorite.

Is it bedtime yet?


little pumpkin grace said...

Ay, ay, ay! I sure hope your day gets better from here on out! Oh, the sacrifices we must make for just a 10 minute shower! :O I must say when I saw those shears I feared a little hair cutting incident. Thank goodness it wasn't that, although I know that's no consolation right now.

Jenn said...

I'm dying laughing here...and yes I realize it is at your expense...but I just can't help myself :) You've got a little pistol there huh??

Good thing she is so darn cute!! (That's what I always tell our little trouble maker at least!)

take a bow Jenn

Angel said...

Jessica, I know hair is just around the corner. This girl is obsessed with scissors which is why I can't remember where I've hidden them all.

Jenn, you've got one too eh? Hmmm...and ours are both middle children. Good heavens! What will they be like as teenagers? LOL

Glad I'm not alone.

Kori said...

Oh the Hair_ i said it would never happen to me- I layed down with Kaci 3 years ago and a hair cut went on! I cried when I saw poor tays hair - Needless to say I have never taken a nap again after the hair cut afternoon :(

jona said...

Hilarious! She was obviously inspecting the quality of the cupcakes (consider it a favor)!