Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A little name change for 2009

Don't worry, my eBay id just got the tiniest, itti-bittiest name change. I removed the "!" so now I'm just tadacreations. I kinda prefer the "!" because it feels more important and who doesn't like to feel important. Now I'm just a run-of-the-mill version of myself. But I thought it best to have my business name consistent no matter where you find me, and I couldn't use the "!" on Etsy or my blog name.

So, there you have it! Hmm...just noticed that it's in my logo too. Ugh...that one's gotta stay put!

I've got some fun things planned for my return to custom orders this spring. I can't wait! Is it spring yet? I'm already in the mood for warmer weather. I can usually only handle the snow until New Year's, then I'm over it. I've already removed all of the Christmas decorations and begun the "Spring cleaning" in an effort to get as much off of my to-do-list before I start devoting my free-time to sewing my little heart out again. I've been cleaning closets and cupboards and have accumulated quite a donate pile so far. Next is the "to sell on eBay" pile, now that I don't feel the need to hang on to girl clothes. But how do I decide which handmade items to hang on to? I can't seem to part with any of them, they are almost like children to me.

So what's the trick to selling off your samples? I suppose I have pictures of everything, but to not be able to look at them again just makes me sad. My Mom sewed most of my clothes when I was little and I wish I had more of them now that she's gone. Am I just too sappy, or is this normal?

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