Wednesday, December 10, 2008

little helpers


This morning the girls and I started making gifts for our neighbors. This year we are giving them bags of the yummiest pretzel candy treats. I chose them for how kid friendly they are to make. And it was fun to talk to the girls while we were "baking" about why we give gifts at Christmas.

If you've never made these, run right now to the store and whip some up tonight. They are super easy and oh so yummy. Just remember when you eat one that you are eating a whole Hershey's's easy to forget and 20 or so later...yeah, been there, done that.

You'll need
1 bag of ring pretzels
2 bags of kisses (hugs are fun too)
1 bag of M's
2 cute helpers don't hurt either

Helper #1


Ok, so the "don't smile at better not smile at me" trick works. But now I just need to get them not to open their mouths with every smile.

Helper #2


Getting ready...


M's make a great diversion to keep the kisses from being eaten.


Now line your cookie sheet with pretzels and top each with a kiss. One bag of kisses will fill one sheet with 25 to spare.


The perfectionist in me only allows me to use the most perfect looking pretzels (and I even make sure they are face up). The rejects all end up here ready to be crushed for Strawberry Pretzel Salad.


Bake for 5 minutes at 200 degrees. The kisses won't change shape, but they will be melted and ready for you to push an M into the top to make it fill up the pretzel.


Put in the fridge to cool. Then hide them or they will be gone too soon!

Eggs and Bacon alternative
Place 2 small pretzel rods a bit apart. Top with a white chocolate candy. Melt and press only yellow M's into the chocolate candy.


Patty Young said...

OK, I'm so making these this weekend with the girls! I think they'd get a kick out of the "eggs & bacon" version too! ;)


Mandy said...

well, that just got added to my grocery list...SOOOO stinkin' cute & easy!! My kids are going to LOVE making these Friday night!!
Thanks for sharing (& super cute helpers too) ;).

Jessica said...

Ooooh...can't wait to make these!! Grace loves to bake with me and these are right up her alley! Thanks for the recipe!

Tracy @ Crème de la Gems said...

Oh, those look yummy! Thank you for posting them :)

Kori said...

we love these too- What a perfect treat to make with the kids-

Thoughts and prayers for you all today with your dad!

Spencer Family said...

Those look so good. I have searched four different stores for the pretzels...where did you find yours? Thanks!

TaDa! Creations said...

I found the pretzels at my regular grocery store. They are only available during the Christmas season and they carried them by 2 different makers. I think one was Old Dutch, can't remember the other brand. They were in a special display at the end of an isle, not with the regular pretzels. You could probably use the regular mini pretzels and just smoosh the kiss into all 3 wholes.


Unknown said...

We love pretzels and chocolate. I hope I can find the round pretzels. I can just imagine the grandkids squeeling and running to pull up the chairs to help! Thanks a bunch.

Kori said...

We are headed to the kitchen to bake away! I was checking the temp to cook at hehe!

These are so perfect for the kids!

Kacey said...

We SO wanted to make these, as I know the kids would have been able to do them with me, but the ring pretzels were no where to be found in the entire Tampa Bay area... :-( Thanks for posting and I'm glad to see that your Dad is doing well after his surgery.
Have a very Merry Christmas!


TaDa! Creations said...

Sorry you couldn't find the pretzels. Maybe next year I should take orders and ship them to people. :)

Kinzie Sue said...

Just linked to this recipe in a post on my blog- we've already made it 3 times and LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!