Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

We've all been sick at our house for over a week now, so we ended up staying home and celebrating by ourselves on Christmas Eve, postponing our extended family gathering to New Year's Day. It was a nice change of pace since we've always had somewhere to go on Christmas Eve. I've always wanted to have a quiet night at home like that, but with being sick it wasn't exactly as I pictured it would be.

Neither of us felt up to cooking an elaborate meal so it didn't really "taste" like Christmas. And our house never got picked up and cleaned like I had wanted, so it didn't "look" like Christmas. But it sure "felt" like Christmas as we focused on reading the Christmas story and numerous other Christmas books and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. The girls opened only one gift from us so the evening wasn't overrun with presents and that felt good too.

I know this first picture is blurred, but I include it just to show how cozy and warm our home felt, reading stories by candle and tree light. I love that the lights were reflected in both the mirror and the window. The rest are taken with the flash and that kind of ruins the feel.




The girls both received princess backpacks from us and they were a big hit. Their friend Kaci, at school, has a princess backpack and Emily loves to point it out to her teacher when they are all walking to the doors to be picked up after class. My friend, Kaci's mom, told me that her daughter mentioned that Emily looks at her backpack a lot. When Emily opened the gift she said "Just like Kaci's!" It will be fun to watch them both walk down the hall at school with their new backpacks in a week.




little pumpkin grace said...

Such sweet smiles!! And cool backpacks - way to go, Mom!

trudibeth77 said...

Oh I love their outfits!!! How sweet! You have to let me know when you are going to re-sell!!!

On another note-- in the blurry picture- is one of your girls sucking her thumb? It looks like it from the picture... the reason I ask, my baby girl (21 mos) is a total thumb sucker. It's SO cute- but it's not like a binky that you can take away from them. Not sure how I'm ever going to get her to quit! :-)


Angel said...

Hi Trudy!

Yes, all three of my kids are thumb suckers. Allison, the one in the photo, is more hard core. Emily does it only when she's tired or going to bed. Allison does it ALL the time. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get her to stop. I tried to get all of them to use a pacifier, and none of them would.