Sunday, December 28, 2008

"The 7 is gone Daddy!"

One of our gifts to the girls this year was a sweet little Hello Kitty tea cup clock for their room. I thought it was a great find for just $15 at Target a couple of weeks ago, considering I have had it on my Amazon wish list for quite some time.

In our attempt to get them to sleep past 5am, we are trying to teach them how to read a digital clock and tell them that they can't get out of bed until it reads 7. So, first off we had to make sure they knew what a 7 looks like on their clock. Thankfully it was still in the 7 o'clock hour when they were going to bed tonight, so that was easy. Now to see if they still remember and follow our instructions in the morning.

By about 8:00 tonight, we thought the girls were fast asleep and it was safe to start watching a movie together. A minute later we heard frantic crying from Emily and when she got close enough to the stairs we could tell she was saying "The 7 is gone Daddy!!!" Holy cow, this sweet child was just laying their looking at the 7! So, Dave tucks her back into bed and about 5 minues later we hear "Daddy, the 7 is back, come look!!!" I was sure this was going to happen every ten minutes, but Daddy's further explination must have been sufficient enough. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that they stay in bed past 5 tomorrow.

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