Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A few weeks ago I tried my hand at a pair of decoupage jeans to go with all the cute Scottie Dog separates I bought at Gymboree. I really love how they turned out. These were a bit tricky since this pair of jeans could only be opened on the outseam, but they were still lots of fun to make. I added some green fabrics to make them feel a bit more Christmassy, but they will still be fun all winter long and well a Minnesota spring.




And here are the new Dick & Jane jeans and top I whipped up. I'll add a photo of the tops reverse side later. I appliqued a gingerbread girl wearing black mary janes and used some Mary Engelbreit fabrics I won from Jona. I still have a lot of embellishing to do on the jeans and now I'm regretting not putting pockets on the top, so maybe I'll take it apart and add some. We'll see...Now it's your turn to see...





Oh and I thought I better put up a new belly shot too (terrible lighting I know) since I'm almost done. Just 10 days to go...WOO HOO!!! I've only gained 35 lbs this time, compared to the 60 with the girls, but I fell like I'm retaining water just as badly as before. I know the puffy face, hands and feet will be over soon, but unfortunately it will get worse before it gets better due to the looming c-section. I can't wait to get my body back to normal! Almost as much as I can't wait to meet this little one that feels like it's been practicing for soccer try-outs in there.




little pumpkin grace said...

You've outdone yourself yet again, my friend! LOVE the scottie deco jeans!!! Hope you'll offer some like these next spring when you start selling again! **Wink*Wink**

You look GREAT and only 10 days (or less) left - yeaaaaaayyy!!!!!

By the way, the girls look so grown up in the pics - even from a couple of months ago. Time flies when you're having fun! :)
Take care,

Angel said...

Thanks Jessica! I will definitely have these in my Etsy shop. I'm thinking separates and "choose your own fabrics" decoupage or ruffle jeans. I can't wait to figure all of that out next spring.

Emily's hair has had a growth spurt lately and Allison adds "because I'm a big big girl" to the end of most of her comments. So cute!

I'm making "Big sister" tees tonight. :)


Shell said...

Your work is absolutely adorable!!! I SO wish I knew how to sew.

Priddy Creations said...

The new sets are super cute and you look fantastic! Hopefully the 10 days will go super fast.


Sarah said...

your stuff is so cute, angel. i may have to have you over for a "sewing tutorial." and you look wonderful!