Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm still here...

Technical difficulties is right! As soon as we got home, the lap-top crashed, my feet and ankles swelled up to 4 times the legal limit (I'll spare you the photos), carpel tunnel worsened (sure makes nursing fun!) and my sciatic nerve kicked into full gear leaving me couch bound. Not quite how I envisioned this first week at home. The c-section part of the pain is mostly gone, but it's all this other stuff that I could do without.

Samuel is doing wonderfully! We can't wait for his 2 week check-up when we get the green light to no longer have to wake him up every 3 hours to eat at night. I'm sure he'll start sleeping 5 hours at a stretch then. That would be heaven!

The girls adore him, each in their own way. Allison loves to just cuddle him and be with him, while Emily prefers to talk about all the details and ask a zillion questions. Introducing Baby Sam to our family has not come without it's own challenges as they adjust to sharing our attention 3 ways. My Mom picked up the girls for the day so we could get some cleaning and general straightening-up done, and the never ending output of fresh laundry folded, and a nap might even be possible too. I just took a heavy duty pain pill left over from the c-sec, for my back. I've got lots to try to do before it wears off in the next couple of hours. As soon as the computer is fixed (Hubby says it should be any day now...ugh), I'll share some more pictures.

Sam is just such a cutie and we are relishing every moment with him as we remember how fast these first few months fly by. He has completely stolen my heart. Gone are the fears of "how do you have room to love another child as much as the first." The answer is..."You don't!" The love I feel for each of my three children is different for every one, as they are all different and uniquely made. There is no cookie-cutter version of love, it just is.

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little pumpkin grace said...

Ouch! Hope the carpel tunnel and sciatic nerve pain get better really, really soon! Take it easy. Well, as easy as possible with 3 kiddos :)