Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trick or Tweets!


I decided to see if my vintage light switch plate would fit in the girls new room. I was so excited to find that it does! The switch was too close to the door trim in their old room to accomodate the roof overhang. Now I'm painting a little dresser for their room, green, so I can add the matching lamp with nightlight to it. I used this lamp on my nightstand until I was 23. I need to find a more suitable shade though. You can find vintage lamps like this on eBay just like mine, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, even some sold in pairs. Keep searching I'm sure more will pop up over time. I've passed these all up myself, not knowing if New Baby is a girl or boy. Have I told you yet how much I regret not finding out? The planner in me is really thrown for a loop. But only 4 weeks from this Friday to go!


The "trick" part is that it looks like sadly our Mary Engelbreit paper doll collection will be coming to a halt. Her Home Companion magaine publisher has decided to drop it. I hear from Jona that they are shopping for a new publisher though, which is good news.


And I couldn't pass up these adorable pencil and asseccory cases at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago. I bought the girls each the small size for their pencils too, but for some odd reason they both chose the bumble bee design. I asked every which way I could to get them to prefer the birdies, but to no avail. Now that I'm organized, they hold my plethora of sewing marking pens and my colored Sharpie pens. I love opening my drawer and having them staring back at me. Makes me smile! Ohhhh...and the smell of plastic brings me back to those lovely school days when all I looked forward to about going back to school was the new supplies to buy.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and FREAKED OUT when I saw your light switch cover and lamp. I collect birds and would give anything to have that collection for my baby girl's room. What do you type into google or ebay to find it? I have been searching and searching and have not found anything like it. Thank you sooo much for any help you can offer.

Angel said...

Lindsey, I searched using the words "Vintage Nursery Lamp." I think it's made by Nursery Plastics, Inc. and that's sometimes in the description too. I didn't see any today, but keep checking.

Good luck!