Monday, October 20, 2008

Little "Joe" and a Little Contest


The most watched movie in our house right now is the Veggie Tales "Ballad of Little Joe." Created by Dave's cousin Phil, it's a super cute version of the Old Testament story of Joseph, the youngest son of Jacob sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Emily walks around singing the tunes and asking to watch it all day long (of course I don't let her). We thought since Emily is always pretending to be Little Joe, telling us to call her Little Joe and running around the house looking for her brothers and asking us if we are her brothers...that it would be fun to name New Baby "Joe" so the girls can call him Little Joe. I asked Emily what she thought of that and she said "that's funny" the way only she can. Joey could come from either Joseph or Jonah.

Now, Dave doesn't really think we should name our son after a movie character that a 3 year old just happens to be enamored with and he's probably right, but I do actually like the names Jonah and Joseph. We have few other leads at this point. I keep saying "sure that one's ok, if I was naming my 4th boy and had already used the perfect name."

So, here is where you come in. I would love for you to leave name suggestions (as many as you like) here for us to consider. So just leave a comment with the boy name(s) you think we should use and if we decide on yours I'll send you a brand new "Little Joe" DVD. If more than one person leaves the same name, then I'll have Emily draw from those names out of a hat (she can't read yet so it will be fare...hehe). Middle names would be great too, but not necessary for the contest. I'll just draw from the first-name that's chosen. Please leave your comments by this Sunday night and I'll reveal the winner as soon as we agree on the name. Don't worry it will be in the next week or two, we won't be going in to the hospital empty-handed. :)

Tips: We chose Emily and Allison becasue I felt they were timeless names and easy to spell and had cute nicknames. We are looking for a boy name that compliments theirs. We aren't looking for trendy (no Connor, Hunter, Tanner etc...), we prefer names that you would find in almost every generation, if that makes sense. A Biblical name would be a plus too, but not necessary. We would prefer to use a middle name of either David or Scott and the last name is Eagen. I also try to think "does it sound good on a little boy, on a high schooler, a Dad and a Grandpa? And a new question I've been asking lately is "would that be a name his wife would like to call him?"

Because we just can't decide, and our #1 name is no longer an option (Andy/Andrew), I'm actually hoping that New Baby is a girl. That one we have down pat! Abigail Anne Eagen. We love the name and I think it's fun to say Emmy, Allie, Abby. By the way, should I be spelling Allie, A-L-L-Y, just becasue the others end in "y"? Hmmm...Would love your input on that one too.

Here's a list of options we've been thinking of, but please feel free to suggest any others you like. I've looked at tons of Baby name lists but just get overwhelmed by them. With only 3-1/2 weeks to go, I am really stressing out about this. It's driving me nuts now that we chose not to find out Baby's gender this time. What were we thinking???

The letter "J" here is purely coincidence.
Joshua "Josh"
Jack (after my Grandpa)
Joseph (my half-Brother has a half-sister also married to a Dave and with children named Emily and Joseph, and 2 of her 3 kids are twins. I guess it would make it easy to remember!)


Jenn said...

Names are so fun!

Boy names I like: Samuel (obviously), Benjamin, Andrew (sure you can't use that one??), Jonathan, and William

Girls names I like: Amelia (if we had had another girl), obviously Anna and Julia, Katherine, and Lauren.

When you meet the baby I'm sure a name will come to you! You are getting SO CLOSE!!!

take a bow Jenn

little pumpkin grace said...

My fave boy names are Hudson (name we've agreed on for baby #2 if it's a boy :), Henry, and Harrison...hmmm, I just had an "aha" moment and realized they all start with H. Need to think about that for a while.

Abigail Anne is very pretty. Oh, and I like Allie better than Ally - he, he, he.

Okay, so I'm curious what happened to Andy? Thought you guys were set on that one? You can email me if you don't want to post.

Good luck - I know you'll find THE perfect name for this sweet little one.

What happened to Andy?

little pumpkin grace said...

Sorry for that additional "what happened to Andy". Guess that's what happens when you're typing while watching Jon & Kate Plus 8, LOL!

Kori said...

I love Jonah too cute! and HUNTER LOL -

Ok how about these

Asher Ash My fav.
Luke Lucas

3 weeks OMG girl you are almost there!

Angel said...

Ohhhhh...I am loving all of these ideas ladies! Keep 'em coming. A few peoplpe have e-mailed me directly (not able to post) so their's will be counted too. :)


Marcia said...

For a second there I thought you had found out it was a boy!! :-) I still say you are but I guess time will tell for sure!

Boy names: William (Will or Liam)
Matthew (Matt)
Christopher (Chris or Topher)
Elijah (Eli)...might get too confusing with Allie
Zachary (Zach)
Ezekiel (Zeke)

I'm so glad we had a girl because we could NOT agree on a boys name! LOL!

I LOVE Abigail Anne - Abigail was the other name we were deciding on when we chose Audrey.

Good luck! Maybe it'll be a girl and you won't even have to choose!
~Marcia :o)

Shana Anderson said...

Tobias - Toby for short

I LOVE your girl name. Abigail has always been my favorite girl name. We never had problems coming up with girls names just boy go figure....we were blessed to name 3 boys!

Enjoy your last couple of weeks!

Erin said...

Well I have a Jonah and love it!!! He is Jonah Thomas and we call him JT.

I also love Benjamin, Nathan (nate), Luke, and Noah.

For girls, I like Ameilia, Avery (names that Eden almost was!) and Eden means "paradise". I also like Evey and Claire- Claire is also a timeless name!!!

We love Veggie Tales!

Pamela said...

Matthew David - Matthew means "gift from God" and David was a man after God's heart. - so very appropriate for both baby and man and what a heritage in a name.

:) God bless in choosing. So hard to do!

Angel said...

Kim - Alexander/Alex, Joshua, Joseph

Amy - Thomas/Tommy

Jessica - Jackson/Jack

Angel said...

Sarah said: Obviously my favorite boy names are Graham, Asher, Samuel, Joseph and Nathan...
but our runners-up have been
Levi, Owen, and Elliot

Christy likes:
John David
John Scott
Jeremiah Scott and
Isaac Cain

These were all in by Sunday via e-mail. We are getting close to a decision, just need an hour or 2 alone together to figure it all out. :)

Right now my top choices are:
1) Samuel
2) Jonah

And I think David's top choice is Joshua but he's not committed, he just says "yeah, sure, maybe." We might need 4 hours alone!!!