Wednesday, October 8, 2008 collection!

I'll admit it, I have an obsession with vintage handmade Christmas ornaments, tree skirts and stockings from the 70's-80's. I've decided to add to the collection that my mother started back then and have been having fun finding more of the same on eBay. As soon as New Baby arrives I'll decide which stocking kits to buy and get those made by next Christmas. I have 3 kits to work on but no real intentions of having them done for this year.

Tree skirt my mother made


And her ornaments


And here are the "new" old treasures I've found. Goldilocks and the 3 bears in the center are my favorites (the bear in the middle doesn't go with that set though).



My favorite here are the "Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens."

My goal is to have a tree that's filled with these felt pretties and vintage inspired glass ornaments, with colored lights. Quite a change from my northwoods themed tree with white lights that we are used to. Most of the finds on eBay are from estate sales, so I hope to stop by some in our area too.


little pumpkin grace said...

LOVE that tree skirt your mom made - it's so cute with all the little white pom-pons! And I'm speechless over the annie and andy ornaments - you know how I love vintage raggedy ann!!! And that little mushroom and Goldi set is to die for! I collect vintage bottle brush and wire Christmas trees and love to decorate them with vintage ornaments. Last year I found a 3' pink tree for Grace's room - I think I'm going to let her decorate it with ornaments we create this year during one of of our craft projects. Love, love your ornaments - what beautiful heirlooms to pass on to Emily, Allison, and New Baby!

stellarose said...

You are not going to believe this but we had exactly the same tree skirt growing up!!! My mom only has three of the ornaments left from her "collection" that she still puts on the tree every year.

Angel said...

I'm hoping to buy either a white, pink or lime green bottle brush tree this year for the girls' room. I have some vintage mobiles with little wooden nursery rhyme characters hanging from it that I'd like to turn into ornaments for a tree in their room. Kind of a nightlight for them.

Stellarose, hmmm... maybe a fun gift for your Mom would be a few more ornaments for her collection. Search "felt ornament" on eBay. What a small world about the tree skirt. I just wish the hole in the middle was big enough to go around our huge swivel tree stand since we always buy a real tree. My goal is to make one myself, but buy a larger felt backgorund to put it on. I usually put this one on my round corner table at Christmas time.


Anonymous said...

Those are so cool! I remember seeing similar ornaments when I was younger. Oh, the memories.