Friday, September 12, 2008

What do I Read at 3am?


Early this morning after changing the bedding on a little girl's wet bed, I couldnt' get back to sleep. I decided to do a little dreaming about fun flirty summery skirts I'm excited to make for myself next summer. Think Heather Bailey's Freshcut and Pop Garden and Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market and Ginger Blossom.

I found this book at JoAnn last winter and used my trusty 40% off. It's a delightful little book. Even if you are a non-sewer (with access to a sewing machine), I think you will love it too. It would also make a wonderful gift for that "she's-so-crafty-person" in your life. The price at Amazon is great right now and makes this much less expensive than all the store-bought patterns you would need to buy to make the many different styles of skirts in this one book. Not to mention how much more user-friendly their directions are.
You will learn how to draft your own pattern based on your specific measurements and make 16 different styles of skirts. There are versions of the classic A-Line, Wrap, Full, Pencil, Layered & Tiered skirts. This book also teaches you some basic sewing skills and termonology, everything you need to know to complete the skirt you choose to make. The drawings are also easy to follow. Once you master the techiniques here you should be able to whip up a sweet little number in just a couple of hours. I'm thinking about how easy these would be to make in little girl sizes too. How delightful!

*If you buy this book based on my recommendation and end up with any qustions about how to do something, just ask me. I love to help!


sweetfunkyvintage said...

I love your blog music! I am jamming out to John Mayer right now!!
I totally have this book! I bought it a couple of months ago and just started tracing that cute elephant pattern yesterday!!

PS - How did I miss those birds when I placed my HUGE pottery barn order last week???!!!
Going to order them now!!!
You just ordered 1 pink bird, 1 green bird and the nest, right? What is the mobile???

Angel said...

Not sure if I should be posting here or at your blog. I always get confused about that. I hope you check back here. :)

hehehe...I've considered having just John Mayer on my blogpod, he's been my fav forever now.

I was able to buy my birds at the store. It's not the mobile though, I don't think I've actually seen what that looks like. I just bought one pink, one green and one nest. They don't fit very well together in the nest, so I'm going to hang it with just one bird in the nest and the other one somewhere else. I had to take them down temporarily since they could be reached from bed. NOT a good idea!

I can't wait to see the AGD store myself, even though our girls are too young to care about them. Although they do ask me to "read" the catalog to them. LOL