Friday, September 26, 2008

Please tell me I'm not alone!

The scene of the accident...


We had just woken up from a nice nap and headed to the kitchen to make lemonade, one of Allison's favorite treats. The girls had both slid their chairs over to the counter to help and after the last bit of water was added to the pitcher I moved toward the garbage to throw away the can. Call it pregnancy clumsiness, or just a sleep-induced fog still circling my head, but I managed to catch the leg of one of the chairs causing an almost comedic chain of events. I say" almost" becasue I'm sure I'll laugh when telling Dave the story tonight, but right now I sill just want to cry. Having lost their footing and hanging on tightly to the pitcher, both girls and lemonade went tumbling towards the counter. It seemed to happen in slow-motion, lemonade splashing the side of the fridge, into the flower-pot of dozens of pens, the toaster, the open bag of bread, the front of drawers that had been left partially askew, the stove top and towels hanging from it, 2 chairs, 2 girls and of course the floor.

The stickiness is almost fully cleaned up and Emily is now sporting her 3rd outfit for the day (don't ask). Dave will need to pull the fridge out tonight so I can finish the final clean up. I will again be knee-deep in laundry and worst of all, I am really craving a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade!

Today's event ranks right up there with the Vaseline in the hair incident, and my favoite...the laundry detergent all over the floor and in the hair incident. I am in desperate need of cheering up, please leave me a note about your worst, funniest or just plain dumb-luck household goof. But don't include any details about someone getting hurt, my hormones just won't allow me to handle that kind of story these days.

Hoping your day is better than mine...


Kim G said...

Oh Angel! What a nightmare! Your description was so vivid I felt like I was standing there watching in the corner of the room. With my sticky phobia I would have had a meltdown! Did the girls cry? You're right, in a couple of days you and the girls will be laughing about this.

Hmmm.. Something to cheer you up... I was driving with Jeff one time and as we were traveling 55mph on the highway I decided to pour my coffee out the passenger car window. Without thinking it through, I tossed it the wrong way into the wind and the whole cup blew back into the window onto my white blouse. In our family we call that a "bosoism". Hope that helps! Weren't we just talking about washing floors last night? Kim G

Lula Bee Boutique said...

Oh Angel! What a mess! You are not alone though- I did have something similar happen to me with a pot of homemade tomato/beef soup. I had just sat it on the counter out of the fridge and stuck a ladel in it when I had to turn around and "mediate" a fight (aka yell at them to stop or else).. Somehow I smacked the top of the ladel and it went flying up and out flinging cold soup in my face, across every surface of my kitchen, and even on the valted ceiling.....but that's not the end...When I turned around to head toward the sink, my sleeve caught the handle of the soup pot and spun it off the counter, tipping it into my open silverware drawer and then splashing into the open cabinet below full of pots and miscellaniuos tupperware. Then London came running in the see what all the rukus was about, slipped on the soup and went sliding into the tomato-y mess. That was almost a year ago and I swear I am STILL finding spots of stuff that I know are tomato soup!

TaDa! Creations said...

I did manage to swiftly swoosh the girls out of the room, hoping to contain it a bit more, but I think I scared Allison which made her cry. She didn't understand what had happened and all she cared about was drinking the lemonade, which of course I had to explain was gone.

I hope that coffee was cold by then and you weren't on your way to an important mtg. That does not sound fun at all!!!

Oh my, I can totally envision that happening! That must have been just awful. And all that wasted homemade soup too. I would have just lost it at that point. I'm sure it will forever be burned into your mind.

OK, I'm feeling a bit better, thanks ladies. :)

We are going to pull the fridge out tomorrow. I just couldn't deal with it anymore today.


Kori said...

OH no - Look on the bright side your kitchen is nice and clean! I could send you weekly pictures of yogurt covered hair and cereal across the kitchen and not any left in the bowl! Or at Easter Kaci loves to throw egss out of the fridge on to the floor to see which are hard boiled LOL- Oh and did I mention 3 little kids thinking they are a tatoo studio on each other with markers LOL hang in there girl it is the little things like that you get to tell Dh about your venture of a day and you know he will get a good kick out of it!

little wash wash said...

Hey, Hopped over here from take a bow. Cute blog!

Jenn said...

Still laughing from your post! We seem to have a daily spilling disaster around here as my eldest daughter is quite clumsy!

Probably the worst was non-food related though...briefly after bringing Sam home from the hospital I was changing his diaper on the dresser in my bedroom. You can imagine what happened when the cool morning air his his "you know what" and he peed up and over my hands, the changing pad, and gracefully hit the wall behind the dresser...where the pee (and it was A LOT OF PEE) ran in sheets down behind the dresser and soaked the carpet :)

Awww...lovely memories huh??

take a bow Jenn

TaDa! Creations said...

Kori - the egg story sounds hilarious, although I know I wouldn't be laughing if it happened here. Thank goodness we are out of the food in the hair stage. We need a dog for all that ends up under the table these days.

Jenn - Oh my! So many fun things to look forward to with a Baby Boy. That must have been a bear to clean up!

I just did it again, this time it was a 16 oz glass full of OJ all over the counter. now both sides are super clean. ;) I think it's definitely the pregnancy clumsiness going on here. I should just stay out of the kitchen!