Tuesday, September 23, 2008



I am just loving this adorable set created by the talented Jennifer of bella*tessa designs. I've got a mini obsession with "Goldi" right now and I'll tell you more about what I'm collecting in a few days. You can view bella*tessa's listing right here. But you've only got 3 days left to snatch it up, so don't miss out!

After drooling over this set I am just itching to get back to designing. Sadly, I must restrain myself. After all, I still have two princess Halloween costumes and a winter wardrobe for my own girls yet to make and only 5 weeks to do it in.


bella*tessa said...

Awe, thanks so much!!!

Stacy said...

That is so cute!

I wish I just had more time for sewing, too. I still have some winter wardrobe goodness to create, in addition to the Princess Fairy for Halloween. At least I just sew for one of my kids, where you have your two girls. I wish you luck and speed in getting it all finished up soon. :)

little pumpkin grace said...

I saw this set a couple of days ago and fell in love with it - too cute! Don't you just love all the vintage characters and the vintage inspired fabrics?!?! Can't wait to see what you're collecting :)

Red Riding Hood is my current favorite after seeing a cute halloween costume, but then again, there's a certain little red furry monster that Grace just loves!