Monday, August 18, 2008

Uncle John

Emily has a new man in her Uncle John. She was stuck like glue to him all week-end. And if he was ever out of site all we heard was "Where is Uncle John?" When we went home she would say "I miss Uncle John. I love him." I have to say, he was pretty smitten with her too.



Oh and she got pretty cozy with my cousin Gretchen's daughter, Maizie. Maizie is just 6 months younger than my girls and I'm so excited for the 3 of them to grow up together like Gretchen and I did. Gretchen is also expecting just 2 weeks after me.


We enjoyed some extra family time this past week while saying good-bye to Grandpa. The funeral was on Friday and burial just yesterday. I'll never tire of hearing all the stories our family has to share.

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little pumpkin grace said...

I'm sorry about your Grandpa's passing. Praying God's comfort and peace over your family.