Monday, August 25, 2008

Fall is in the air


I just love it! This morning on our way to my Dr. appt* it was only 62 degrees. I'm dreaming of wearing jeans, cozy cardigan sweaters that will be discarded for a tee in the warm afternoon sun and shoes other than flip flops. Buying local sweet corn at farm stands and mums and pumpkins for the front door at my favorite family farm just down the road. Melting caramel for Dave's favorite treat, caramel apples, and making apple crisp. Trips to the apple orchard and pony rides for the girls are just around the corner, bon fires in the backyard and walks in the woods to watch the squirrels, pick up fallen colored leaves and listen to the crickets too.

I love these days when the sun is lower in the sky, and the trampoline is in the shade for the better part of the day. When I don't have to feel so bad that I still need to sew and hang curtains with blackout liner in the girls' room, because they are sleeping in until 6:30 now instead of 5am and by 8pm it's plenty dark in their room for bedtime. Ahhh....that makes life easier.

*So...I had to drink the glucola diabetes test again today for the 2nd time. Somehow when I went in for my regular appt last week, they didn't get me back to draw blood soon enough. I ended up in the waiting room for 45 minutes. Note to self - start wearing a watch (buy batteries first). I had no idea it had been that long as I was working on a really tough Sudoku puzzle. So I had to drink that awful sugary drink again this morning. This time I chose orange since the red stuff made me feel so sick last week. Why on earth would they put carbonation in the orange one? The red one doesn't have it, and I've been trying to stay away from carbonation because it just makes me feel yucky these days. Oh well...I am so glad it's over with, now I'm just hoping the results are perfectly normal which they were with the girls.


allforthekidds said...

Hey Angel,

Fall is in the air here to and it feels so good!!

Nov, is almost here, I can't believe it, you must be so excited:))

Miss ya girlie, April:)

TaDa! Creations said...

Hi April, waving at ya! I bet fall in New England is even more beautiful. Are you excited to have a bit more time on your hands with the girls back in school? :)


Spencer Family said...

Hi Angel,
I took your class at the ECQS last spring--just so you don't think I'm some crazy stalker. Anyway, I was wondering what apple orchard you go to that has pony rides. We moved here about a year ago and I'm always looking for the in's and out's on things to do around here. Thanks!


TaDa! Creations said...

Hi Alicia!

Thanks for stopping in to say Hi. :)

The apple orchard that has pony rides is in Jordan and I'm pretty sure it's called Minnesota Harvest (it used to be Sponsel's, the owners names). Just go South on 169 about 10-15 min past Shakopee and you should start seeing signs. If you get to Emma Krumbee's in Belle Plain (another favorite orchard/restaurant), you've gone too far.

Don't go when it's been raining because it can get pretty muddy out there. They have tractors pull you out to the orchards of pickin', a small petting zoo, inflatable jumping things, large horses to ride for adults and about 6 little pony's that go around in circles for the kids. They have to be able to hold on and not fall off though. We are hoping the girls will be big enough and brave enough to do it this year. They have a nice little restaurant in their store too. It's a favorite of most families I know and it's closer than Stillwater. I'm sure you will love it!

Hmmm...if I think of any other fun MN things you might not know about, I'll leave a message on your blog too. :)