Saturday, August 23, 2008

Color Splash!


Oh my goodness...oh my goodness! So I was just sewing my little heart out on an order whilst listening to HGTV in the background (I always do that), when I heard Color Splash come on and and then my cousin's names. What? This can't be!!! Sure enough, it was MY Chad and Angela Nicholson. Yes, we have both an Angel and an Angela in our family. :) They live near San Francisco with their son Cory and #2 due just 3 weeks before me. Chad is a such hoot, and his personality shines brightly on TV, he's a natural. Angela moved out to SF for law school and she met Chad out there. They are a great match, we just wish they lived in MN so we could enjoy their company more than once a year.

I can't wait to talk to her all about it and I can't believe nobody mentioned it. I have so many questions: How did you get on the show? When was the show taped? Did you have to pay for all the furnishings yourself? Is that couch really "spoonable"? Chad - you are too funny! Is there anything you removed from the room after they left?

It's airing again on Sunday September 14, at 3:30 PM ET/PT. Hmmm...I'm thinking that would be 2:30 central. We are definately recording it this time.


Blissful Nikki said...

that is awesome! I am totally going to set my DVR to record it so I can watch! :)

Jenn said...

VERY Cool! I will have to try to watch it!!

take a bow Jenn