Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Night Night

Tonight is the first night the girls are sleeping in their new room. It feels like such a big milestone for them. I remarked to Dave last night, as we set up the first bed, that it feels really great as a parent to be able to give something so wonderful to your kids. I am seriously in love with their new room and I love how high their beds are and that we installed the beadboard on the knee-wall ourselves. I even figured out how to handle the 2 outlets on that wall and we did it perfectly.

This is just the beginning though, I still have a bunch of sewing projects to finish up. Fabric wall art for the green wall to cover the ugly electrical panel. Curtains, still not sure what they will look like. Bedskirts, I have several ideas just need to pick one. And some more fabric/applique art for the wall right when you enter the room. We've decided that for now we can't have anything else in the room of interest or they won't sleep. So, sadly the birds in their nest had to be removed, no dresser between their beds that I was planning on painting green and I can't put out the metal buckets I found at Babies R Us for dolls and toys. Even though this room has only 8'x10' of usable floorspace, I have big plans for a lot of punch in a small space.

So for now...sweet dreams my precious little girls!






little pumpkin grace said...

SO SWEET!!! Love the bedding and those sweet yo-yo's! You'll def. have to share pics of the finished pillows. E looks so happy to be in her new room! Perfect room for two beautiful princesses.

Stacy said...

Wow, you did a wonderful job on their room! That looks very time intensive, but totally worth it in the end. :)

I found you on JM's site looking at the past featured designer. I live in EP, too! I don't know if you still have questions on indoor photography, but I have photo tips on my blog if you are interested. I know how frustrating it can be in the wintertime. :)

Erin said...

what a cute room! love their bedding. my girls have some of those buckets in their room too! love them!

Jenn said...

Looks FANTASTIC!!!! I bet they are thrilled!! You did a great job!!

take a bow Jenn

jona said...

Look at that room!!! That is so pretty and such a special "big girl" room to have!

It seems I did all my major painting/sprucing jobs while pregnant too. Must be that whole "nesting" thing!