Sunday, May 25, 2008

"You My Beast!"

Princesses are a big deal at our house. E has gotten quite proficient at putting her own Princess dress on. She is often seen running around the house masquerading as Belle or Cinderella. The other day she came in to her room where I was putting away laundry and exclaimed "I'm Belle, Momma! You my Beast!" So of course I dropped everything and danced the afternoon away with her. A got in on the action too as Cindy.

The cupboard behind E in this first photo is soon to be painted the perfect shade of green. Thanks Jenn for the inspiration!





A girl's gotta have shoes.



little pumpkin grace said...

Love that "you my beast" comment - straight out of the mouths of babes, I tell ya! The girls look like they're having so much fun playing dress up - cute pics - love that red kitchen too!!

Isabel Inspired Designs said...

How darling! My Isabel just has boys to play with around here so she would LOVE a trip to your place:)
I hope your pregnancy is going well and you are feeling awesome too!
You are a sweetheart, I am really glad that you like my set:)

TaDa! Creations said...

Jessica, we are loving our kitchen set! Now we just need a table and some chairs for the girls. The other day E sat in her baby doll stroller and used the piano bench as a table to eat her "lunch." So cute!

Lesa, too bad we don't live closer, Isabel could come over any time. I am feeling much better now that I'm past the first 15 weeks. Just getting ready to enjoy a nice long summer. :) I love that little Flea Market set you made. I never got to buy those fabrics myself.