Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh What Fun!

I just had to come and share our best week-end in a long long time. Friday night we went out to buy tricycles for the girls. We found the cutest little-girl bikes with training wheels and realized that they were actually easier for them to ride than the tricycles they tried out first. Then they each got a new pair of sneakers for summer, that light up when they walk. They are soooo cute! And the girls adore them.

Saturday morning we went to the
MN Zoo which we love to do. We probably make it out there twice a month. Our favorite part hands-down is the farm at the Zoo. We packed a picnic lunch and ate it on the long walk to the farm. We stopped to see the horses that were close to the fence eating dandelions and one of them decided to relieve himself. Then the cutest thing happened (I know, I'm biased), E started shouting and clapping "Yea, good job!" Can you tell that we are in the midst of potty training?

Saturday afternoon Dave set up the tent while I went out and bought pink sleeping bags for the girls and then we all slept outside in the backyard. We had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows (which were not a big hit). It was quite cold, low 50's, and super windy with mostly a full-moon. I hardly slept at all, worrying about whether the girls were warm enough and thinking about how is it that it's safe to sleep in a tent in the backyard when it's not safe to sleep inside the house unless we have checked to make sure all of the doors are locked?" Hmmm...still working on that one.

Sunday we went to Church and then to lunch with friends to celebrate the dedication of their little guy in Church that morning. Dave put the bikes together during nap time while I finished laying the mulch down in all of the flower beds (glad that's done!). Oh and let me just say that I went and bought 16 more bags of mulch all by myself on Sat. I even loaded them all in the back of the Explorer on my own. Of course all the while, secretly hoping that someone would take pity on the pregnant lady and offer to help, but at the same time proud that I was able to do it all by my lonesome. Ahhh...the little things in life.

Then the girls got to ride their bikes for the first time in our driveway. I was really surprised at how they tackled the task so differently. E got frustrated very easily and there were many tears throughout the process. While A (with the pony-tail) kept saying over and over "Don't help me! Don't help me!" Hmmm...wonder where she gets that from?





It's never to early to start learning how to fix your bike.


Erin said...

They are so cute with their new little bikes!!!

little pumpkin grace said...

That's too, too funny about E and the potty training!!! I love A's expression in that first photo - she's concentrating so hard!! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend. Yeay for warmer weather!

Kori said...

Oh how cute! I think those bikes are the cutest things ever! The girls are geting so tall- I am loving the weather it is just wonderful- I am hoping to hit the zoo soon sounds like you guys had a great time- It gets more fun as the kids grow - Have a great Holiday weekend!

TaDa! Creations said...

Thanks girls! Oh and just yesterday A fell off her bike for the first time. She's still got a sizeable goosegg on her foreheard and nasty scrape on her cheek. not sure if a helmet would have prevented it, but now we are buying them. I didn't think we'd need them with training wheels. I guess it's never too early to start with helmets. we come from the generation where they were so "un" cool to wear.

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

So so cute! Our little one never rode her trike very much so we got the big girl bike...much easier to ride.