Wednesday, April 16, 2008


New haircut day before photos (not recommended)....$43.00

Sitting fee for Church directory....Free

Sock Monkey tees made by favorite!

Telling you there are 5 people in this picture....priceless!


We are expecting baby #3 on November 19th. I'm so excited about it that I couldn't wait any longer to tell everyone. Right now I'm in the middle of feeling really, really yucky with almost 2 month left to go of that.

For the rest of the year I will likely only be offering each new design just once and I'm hoping to list some items as one-of-a-kind, ready-to-ship, to leave time for getting ready for baby and all those little details (sleep ranking high on my list right now).

I got back earlier this week from a 5 day scrapbooking retreat. Well, it was for everyone else...I actually brought all of my sewing gear and finished up 2 big orders that I'm excited to ship out tomorrow. As usual I way over packed, but not with clothes. I had dreams of starting and finishing more samples, a B-day gift and another order. But I was still thrilled with the amount I did get accomplished. It felt great to get caught up on sewing and sleep and not having to prepare every meal. I got lots of gabbing time in too which was so enjoyable. Come to think of it, when I sew I'm very much on my own with just the tv to entertain me, so it was quite a challenge to balance what I needed to get done and just enjoying the freindships around me. Thanks Hubby for taking such good care of the girls and the house looked even better than the way I left it! You are the best!!!


jona said...

Yippy! Congratulations Angel and family! That is wonderful news. Twins maybe? ;)

little pumpkin grace said...


You guys look GREAT in the photo!!! Glad you had a chance to take some well deserved "me" time during the retreat (even if you were finishing up sewing orders :).
**Crossing my fingers the yuckiness ends sooner rather than later**


bLaSk said...

Oh My Goodnes Oh My Goodness!!! I am so happy for all of you!!!

Angel said...

Thanks ladies! We've decided not to find out babies gender until they are born. That's so not like me though becasue I am such a planner, but I think it will be fun.

little pumpkin grace said...

Are you telling me that there are two little peanuts baking in there?!?!?! Either way, I'm so, so excited for you guys!!!

Angel said...

Hahahahaha...I see now what you mean. I meant "baby's gender until he/she is born." There should just be one this time. I'm still chuckling at my goof-up.

Isabel Inspired Designs said...

Love the family pic! And CONGRATS on the new baby! How exciting!! Hope you are feeling better soon:)

Jenn said...

Oh what HAPPY news Angel! I hope you will be feeling better soon! I have been sick my entire pregnancy (was with the girls too) and I completely feel for you...definitely not fun :( Hope you have a fast and easy pregnancy!

The girls look super sweet in their tees too ;)

Take a bow Jenn

Marcia said...

WOOHOO!! Congrats Angel! What exciting news!! Your family picture turned out fabulous! We have one like that of Rich and I and knowing that little Audrey was inside me (nobody knew, including us) WAS priceless!! :) Hope the sickies go away quickly and you enjoy this whole new season.