Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tag You're it!

I have been tagged by Tam of Painted*Patooties!

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Hmmm...random maybe...weird, we'll have to see...

1. I used to be a neat freak, but since having kids I have learned to "let go" a little too much. I've got a 2 to 1 ratio working against me. They can distroy the house twice as fast as I can clean it up, it's a never ending battle. I did just remove the cobwebs from all of the ceilings a few weeks ago though, that was a big accomplishment.

Since we are outgrowing our little house, it's no longer "A place for everything and everything in it's place." It's more like, there's 2" of space not being used, see if that box of stuff, we will never use but have to keep, will fit there! And I am not a pack rat. I get rid of stuff as fast as I can. I can't stand clutter but also can't seem to get away from it.

2. I was born in SC and moved to MN when I was about 5. My Mom had me in pageants until we moved. Here's a pic from that era. You can probably tell that E has all of my facial features and hairline, but A has my face shape and cheeks. I hope they get this much hair someday, but it's slow growing so far.


3. I am a huge do-it-youselfer. I got that from my Mom. We built a deck together when I was in HS, not a big one mind you, but still it was a deck. I talked Hubby in to re-roofing our house ourselves and we spent a long week-end with my brother-in-law who had the know-how, and got it done. I mostly tore-off the old one, but still I was up there for 2 days straight, only getting down to make our meals because getting on and off the tall ladder scared me to death. We have also learned to tile, we replaced the flooring in 2 bathrooms (one with marble) and the entry in our home. Next on the list is to build a 2nd story deck on the back of our house. Dave wants to hire it out, and I'm inclined to agree now.

4. I don't like cooked carrots, but raw are just fine. Why does the flavor change sooooo much just from cooking them? My favorite treat is Eggo waffles spread with creamy peanut butter and then topped with syrup, but I had to give that up...more about that later. ;)

5. We swam with dolphins at Discovery Bay in Orlando the first week they were open. That was an awesome experience I will never forget. I can't wait to bring our kids there someday.

6. I didn't get my driver's liscence until I was 19. I didn't have anywhere to go or a car to drive anyway, so why bother.

7. I love early American History. My favorite trip was to Williamsburg, Va during our visit to see my best friend in DC. We watch those PBS specials like "Colonial house" and "Frontier House." We actually have them on DVD. Movies like The Village and National Treasure are some of our favorites. I would love to live in a Colonial stye house some day.

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Isabel Inspired Designs said...

Very cool to read about you!!
I got mine done and tagged some more. Thanks for thinking of me:)

k said...

look how cute you are- I was singing away to your music - I come here just to sing and listen as I sew Ohhh and to read what is new LOL -


Angel said...

Hey Kori, I dod that too. Well, not to read what I wrote but just to hear the music. I need to get some new one on there too now. These are getting a little old to me. I'll take requests! LOL