Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day!

All the earth will sing your praises
by Paul Baloche

You lived, you died
You said in three days you would rise
You did, you’re alive
You rule, you reign
You said your coming back again
I know, you will

All the earth will sing your praises
All the earth will sing your praises

You took, you take our sins away, oh God
You give, you gave your life away for us
You came down, you saved us through the cross
Our hearts are changed because of your great love

I just love this song and I was thrilled that we got to sing it in church this morning. It couldn't be more perfect for Easter Sunday, the most important day of remembrance throughout the year. If you were anywhere near me in the upper, upper balcony, you wouldn't have seen me clapping my hands or moving hardly at all. But that's just because I am rhythmically challenged. If I do either of those things, then my singing is thrown off. And the words are so powerful all I wanted to do was sing my little heart out. So maybe I'm a little off one else cares. I like to imagine that to God my voice, singing His praises, is beautiful to Him no matter how it sounds to me (or anyone else). And inside I'm clapping my hands, doing a little dance and singing so joyfully I could burst!

Happy Resurrection Day!


little pumpkin grace said...

Rhythmically challenged - ha, ha ;) - you're too funny, Angel! I loved reading this post. Indeed your singing is a beautiful gift to Him as I'm sure it is to others around you. Hope you guys had a blessed Easter!

k said...

I saw you singing LoL J/K - Happy Easter to you all- I can't wait to see How cute the girls looked! you must share a pic!

Angel said...

Hehe thanks girls! Kori I thought someone was looking funny at me. ;)

You probably won't believe this, but we didn't take a single picture on Easter. Ugh...maybe we should reenact it?

Tam said...

You have been tagged...stop by my blog and check it out!