Thursday, March 6, 2008

Etsy, Etsy, Read All About it!

If you haven't discovered yet, I have opened a little shop on Etsy. You can visit me here. A lot of my favorite designers are there now too, so check out my favorites and see who I "heart".

I will still be listing new designs on eBay, auction style, and the first time I list them will always be the best deal. Etsy is perfect for those that prefer "Buy it Now" prices or if you missed out on a past design that I still have fabric available for. I will be listing some collections as separates too for easy mix and matching just the way you want it.

I guess now I'm finally ready to order new business cards (which will double as my hang tags). I've been out of them forever now. But somehow being able to put on there:
(sneaky little route to my eBay ME page, thanks Hun!)

seems so much nicer than telling people "Oh, you can find me on eBay, there's this whole Boutique world out there. No's not just cheap yard sale finds. Don't get me wrong, you can find some great deals there too, but really there are serious designers that sell awesome handmade children's clothing. Try searching "Custom Boutique" and you'll see what I mean. My eBay id is..."

Off to design my new business cards, coming soon in your Custom Boutique Priority Mail box!


bLaSk said...

I am so happy for you!! I have been stalking your about me page on ebay..hahaha!!
I love your stuff and get so inspired by your designs!!!

Welcome to the world!!!
Blask Designs

Angel said... are making me weepy. Someone is inspired by little 'ole me??? Now that's the kind of stalker I like. :)