Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blurred Vision

Not mine, my photos. :)

TaDa! bought me a new camera this past Christmas. A snazzy little
Cannon Rebel XTi. So after reading the manual cover to cover and another great little find I decided it was time to graduate from manual mode.

I have been dying to try my hand at those awesome photos where the subject is in focus and the background is blurred. Oh how "boutique" that would be.

Having previously failed to get it right indoors, I headed outside. On my way to the mailbox, while all the kiddos (4 today) were nesteled snug in their beds, I took my first attemtps outdoors. It was so bright out though (and a glorious 46 degrees) that I didn't notice the screen screaming at me NO CF CARD until I got back. So off to the "mailbox" I trotted a second time.


One of Grandpa Ralph's birdhouses. This one has tennents!



Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


Audrey's Place said...

Those are great Angel! I need to read up on our camera...I want to do stuff like that.
~Marcia (from Audrey) :)

Angel said...

Go for it, you have a great subject matter. :)


k said...

I am going to wait for you to figure it all out so I can come over and you can teach me! :)

Angel said...

You're invited! Now I need to test it on moving little girls. :)

Tam said...

The pics are amazing Angel!!!

Angel said...

Thanks Tam! I have a long way to go yet. I took some of the girls outside the next day and I didn't have much luck. Must have been too sunny.